Whole 30 Day 6 | October 6

breakfast // hash browns cooked in pure indian foods ghee, scrambled eggs with leftover chicken breakfast sausage, apple gogo squeeze

lunch // applegate beef hotdogs, ketchup and mustard*, bubbie’s kraut, power greens (kale, spinach, chard), homemade ranch

snack // suja juice: sweet beets

dinner // applegate turkey bites w/ mustard*, homemade mayo, and bubbie’s pickles, apple gogo squeeze

before bed //

sleep // 7 1/2 hours

activity // none

thoughts and feelings // i had a slightly easier time waking up this morning! which means hitting the snooze button 2 times instead of a million, but still… exciting! i also remembered today that i am still in the recovery time period from bronchitis, which could explain a bit of why my energy is slow to return. i think that the fact that i’ve been so low energy for so long also helps to explain that! i’m definitely starting to feel temptations today, or i guess i’m starting to feel them a little bit stronger. this is where all to often i just give up, so i think the temptations/cravings are a sure sign that i really need to push through them! i’d really like to find out what life on the other side of food cravings is like. the need to snack felt intense all day long. i got hit by a wall of exhausted around 3:30 in the afternoon. i’m hoping that going to bed early will allow me to get a good, long night’s sleep and maybe catch up a bit!

*they both are organic, with very clean ingredients, but both have a little added sweetener. i’m okay with it.


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