Day One

Today is Day One. But, it’s also not.

Anyone who has ever struggled with weight, with food, with anything actually, who has tried to change their eating habits (or really, any habits!) knows that Day One is really Day One, For-What-Feels-Like-The-Millionth-Time, Day One, And-May-I-PLEASE-Get-It-Right-This-Time.

It’s the day after the day that was the Last Straw. The day after a seemingly endless string of days that feel hopeless and helpless, and out of control. It’s the day that we say enough is enough. Again. Because we’re completely over it.

We’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. We’re sick of knowing that there’s a better way, but feeling like we just can’t quite get there.

That’s what Day One is about.

But do you know what else? Day One is also about hope.

Without hope, there would be no more Day Ones. Day One (Again!) is our declaration that even though we have tried and failed (and tried, and failed), we still have hope that this time can be different.

I still have hope that this time can be different.

So here’s to you, who think maybe you can try just one more Day One, and here’s to you, still waiting to hit that Last Straw; your day is coming.

And here’s to me, and one more Day One.


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